Note: On. Feb. 3, 2015, Brian Jeffrey's Trip Report below brought a tear to my eye as I remembered the years I spent at FOX-M.

Return to the DEWLine – Trip Report, Hall Beach 2012
"On July 29, 1960, 19 year old Brian (Simon) Jeffrey stepped off DC-4 CF-IQM at Hall Beach NWT, FOX Main, to begin a three year career as a radar technician (Radician) in the FOX Sector of the Distant Early Warning Radar Line (DEWLine). Fifty-two years later, July 2012, 71 year old Brian Jeffrey stepped off ATR-42 C-FIQU to return to Hall Beach NU, still FOX Main, to fulfil his dream of physically strolling down memory lane."

Please see Brian's Stroll Down Memory Lane of his time on the DEW Line from 1960-1963. It's a really good read. Congratulations Brian on your wonderful story. He also maintains Larry Wilson's Dew Line Home Page. See the links below.