CROATIA WEEKLY, Zagreb, October 15, 1999. 


Out of the foremost Croatian chefs, six carefully selected representatives are hastily preparing for a transatlantic flight that will take them to the Croatian Food Festival, a month of Croatian cuisine in the Delegates Dining Room at the United Nations Building in New York City, which is being held a bit earlier than expected. The representatives stated that they are both professionally and personally honored to face the challenge of presenting Croatia to America and the world at large, since the UN General Assembly will be convening in a week's time, through its cuisine. A very modern and high quality culinary expression has been selected that will showcase Croatian national cuisine as a harmonious blend of Mediterranean and continental Central European cuisine that is currently quite trendy throughout the world. This attractive event for the worlds political elite is being held at a time that is, politically, very important for Croatia, and both the Foreign Ministry and the Tourism Ministry are taking great pains to attend to every detail. However, the Croatian chefs will not have an easy time, since they will be following the French, who prepared their famous and highly regarded Provençal cuisine personally for Kofi Annan and other illustrious diplomats. Croatian delicacies will, in addition to banquets for several hundred guests, be served on daily menus, press conferences, and in renowned restaurants. They will certainly be on par with the French efforts, and it is crucial that they be served in a unique and recognizable manner. It is interesting to note that the foods products being used will come from the export programs of various Croatian firms like Podravka and SMS as well as from local American sources. Also to be served are the renowned wines from the Grgic winery on Pelješac, while the food will be flavored with "Dalmatian" herbs and spices grown in New York's Mediterranean gardens.

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