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Badel 1862 d.d.
Badel 1862 najveći je i najstariji proizvođač vina i alkoholnih pića u Hrvatskoj, koji kvalitetom svojih proizvoda nastavlja i oplemenjuje bogatu tradiciju naslijeđenu od renomiranih kompanija Pokorny, Patria, Arko i Badel Vinoprodukt. Sinonim smo za jaka alkoholna pića u Hrvatskoj i široj regiji, a sa 4 vinarije u svom sastavu objedinjeno je cjelokupno bogatstvo vinorodnog područja Hrvatske, od aromatičnih bijelih vina sa sjevera do jakih i punih s juga, čime Badel 1862 danas kreira vinsku kartu Hrvatske. Uz proizvodnju jakih alkoholnih pića, vina, bezalkoholnih pića i licencu PepsiCo asortimana, Badel 1862 je i ekskluzivni zastupnik za tržište Hrvatske svjetskih poznatih proizvođača jakih alkoholnih pića: Tradall, Marie Brizard, Borco i Underberg.
Croatia: The Homeland of Zinfandel, local article
Obscured by history, politics and long-held misperceptions, the true origin of America's Zinfandel grape remained hidden - until now. For more than a century the mystery grape of American vinculture has been. Zinfandel, known to have come from somewhere in Europe but its country of origin lost in history.
Zinfandel by Patrick W Fegan -1994 another article on the origins of this wine
Ilok Wine Cellars - Croatia - Sevdar d.o.o.

Viticulture and Enology Department
Institute for Adriatic crops and karst reclamation, Zagreb
History of wine-making in Croatia, the art of wine-making etc. (article)

Croatian Vine growers in Napa Valley- California
Croatian people have extended their wine making tradition and expertise to all parts of the world, especially the North American continent. There is a decisive Croatian presence and influence in the most productive wine growing regions of California, especially the Napa Valley. Here are some of them:

(*) Grgich Hills wines speak eloquently of creator, from Philadelphia Enquirer June 18, 1995. Here is the link to Grgich-Hill website.
"People ask me, `How come your wines are so good?' " winemaker Mike Grgich recounted. "I tell them it's because my English is not so good, and I must make better wines so that they can speak for themselves."
(*) Napa Valley Wine Auction - Grgich Hills Cellar
Kirigin Cellars
Mr. Nikola Kirigin, the honorary president of the Croatian World Congress, also runs a successful winery in San Jose, California.

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