Plavi Vjesnik no. 965, March 27, 1973
Zagreb, Croatia

This was one of the last Plavi Vjesnik issues. Only 14 more issues were printed after this one. The last Plavi Vjesnik was no. 979 before the magazine folded. This was about 18 years after the first issue appeared in 1954.

There is not much here. There are a total of 48 pages: four comic strips in the whole issue taking up 6 pages with Asterix on pages 36 & 37 (and, of course, no Dan Dare). The paper is mostly in black & white and paper/print quality is very poor. A far cry from the Plavi Vjesnik glory days.

Plavi Vjesnik no. 965

Plavi Vjesnik (Plavac) first published on October 1, 1954 in the city of Zagreb, Croatia by the publishing house "Vjesnik". It carried Dan Dare comic strip for many years and it was the magazine's main feature. "Plavac" went out of business in 1973 after issue 979.

Plavi Vjesnik appeared again in 1992 with 6 issues and 2 issues in 1999, all of which you can see here.

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27 ozujka 1973 - broj 965
prva strana
Novi Plavi Vjesnik, 1992- 2001

Hrvatski strip od konca drugoga svjetskog rata do osamostaljenja Hrvatske
Hrvatsko Slovo, 5. lipnja 1998

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