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My list of all Eagle Annuals ever published
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Eagle Annual, Number 1 (cca. September 1951)
eBay 2002 - GBP 44-61

Eagle Annual, Number 2 (cca. 1952)
Read the full story of Dan Dare: Mars 1988

Eagle Annual, Number 3 (cca. 1953)

Eagle Annual, Number 4 (cca. 1954)

Eagle Annual, Number 5 (cca. 1955)

Eagle Annual, Number 6 (cca. 1956)

Eagle Annual, Number 7 (cca. 1957)
Hulton Press, London - Edited by Marcus Morris
Received in April 1999 from Brown Studies, U.K.

Eagle Annual, Number 8 (cca. 1958)
Read the full story of Dan Dare: Operation Moss

Eagle Annual, Number 9 (cca. 1959)

Eagle Annual 1961 (Eagle 10)

Eagle Annual 1962 (Eagle 11)

Eagle Annual 1963 (Eagle 12)

Eagle Annual 1964 (Eagle 13)

Eagle Annual 1965 (Eagle 14)

Eagle Annual 1966 (Eagle 15)

Eagle Annual 1967 (Eagle 16)

Eagle Annual 1968 (Eagle 17)

Eagle Annual 1969 (Eagle 18)

Eagle Annual 1970 (Eagle 19)

Eagle Annual 1971 (Eagle 20)

Eagle Annual 1972 (Eagle 21)

Eagle Annual 1973 (Eagle 22)

Eagle Annual 1974 (Eagle 23)

Eagle Annual 1975 (Eagle 24)

Eagle Annual 1983

Eagle Annual 1984

Eagle Annual 1985.London: IPC Magazines Ltd. 1985 Pictorial Cover. Excellent/Picorial Boards No D/J. Annual. Hard Back. 4to - over 9Ύ" - 12" tall. ISBN: 85037 705 6.
Eagle Annual 1985

Eagle Annual 1986

Eagle Annual 1987

Eagle Annual 1988

Eagle Annual 1989

Eagle Annual 1990

Eagle Annual 1991

Eagle Yearbook 1992

Eagle Annuals listed in chronological order
© Annuals 1-9 are undated

Eagle Annual No.1 ©1951 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.2 ©1952 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.3 ©1953 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.4 ©1954 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.5 ©1955 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.6 ©1956 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.7 ©1957 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.8 ©1958 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.9 ©1959 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.10 1961 Hulton Press
Eagle Annual No.11 1962 Longacre
Eagle Annual No.12 1963 Longacre
Eagle Annual 1964 Odhams Longacre
Eagle Annual 1965 Odhams Longacre
Eagle Annual 1966 Odhams
Eagle Annual 1967 Odhams
Eagle Annual 1968 Odhams
Eagle Annual 1969 Odhams
Eagle Annual 1970 Odhams
Eagle Annual 1971 IPC
Eagle Annual 1972 IPC
Eagle Annual 1973 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1974 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1975 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1983 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1984 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1985 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1986 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1987 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1988 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1989 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1990 Fleetway
Eagle Annual 1991 Fleetway

Dan Dare Stories appearing in Eagle Annuals

No.1 – Untitled adventure
No.2 – Mars 1988
No.3 – The Double Headed Eagle
No.4 – Operation Triceratops
No.5 – Operation Plum Pudding
No.6 – Operation Silence
No.7 – Space Race
No.8 – Operation Moss
No.9 – The Vanished Scientists
1961 – Moon Run
1962 – The Solid Gold Asteroid
1963 – The Robocrabs
1964 – Operation Crusoe

1965 – March of the Ants; Fire in  the Sky
1966 – Space Rocks
1967 – The Men from S.T.E.A.L.
1968 – The Unseen Enemy
1969 – The Moon Eaters
1970 – The World of Thought
1971 – Funfair of Death
1972 – The Mekon Menace
1973 – The Planet of Peril
1974 – The Space Poachers
1975 – Untitled adventure


Gifford, Denis. The Best Of Eagle Annual 1951-1959
Exeter: Webb & Bower, 1989, First Edition. The best of the Eagle annual has been edited and compiled by Denis Gifford, comic collector and editor of The Eagle Book of Cutaways. All the old favourites have been included: Dan Dare, Jeff Arnold, Harris Tweed, L Ashwell Wood's fasinatimg cutaways and many more. In colour and black and white, a selection of the very best stories, science information and cutawys from the first nine years of Eagle Annuals, published between 1951 and 1959.

Eagle Annuals, by Andrew Paul (Archive.org)
This page lists the new Dan Dares adventures in Eagle Annuals from the first annual of the new Eagle onwards.

My copy of Andrews's 2009 website is located here.

From Comics International website, July 16, 2001

What price first Eagle annual?

Nicola Taylor via e-mail:

I AM writing to you in hope you can help me in finding out the price of a first edition Eagle Annual that my parents own. I have looked through your website and have been unable to find anything to help me in my quest!

The book was given to my father in 1950. It is in fair condition. My parents are just curious of the price and are considering selling. They have taken the book to be valued by a representative from Sotheby's, and they have recommended that the price would range a great deal – depending on the demand at the time from collectors (if that was the missing book from their collection).

If you are unable to answer, could you please consider all of your contacts in order to help me?

Which just goes to show you shouldn't really waste your time with Sotheby's. They didn't know, so they bluffed. Otherwise they would have told you the first Eagle Annual didn't appear until September 1951. The Eagle Book of Adventure Stories did, however, appear in late 1950. Could it be that?

Also, the condition of the book plays a very important part in determining its value. Fair is a very low grade – just above poor – but we suspect you're using it as a layman's term. Even so, it is difficult for us to accurately value the book without seeing it.

Getting back to the point, Eagle Annual 1 is worth about three times what the Eagle Book of Adventure Stories would fetch.

A Norfolk auction house recently offered the first three annuals as one lot which it anticipated would fetch between £20-30. On the other hand, a private seller recently offered 24 annuals from #1 to the 1975 edition (excluding 1974's) for in the region of £200 together.

The somewhat outdated 1997-98 Comic Book Price Guide indicates that a mint (perfect) condition copy of the first Eagle annual would be worth £45. Whichever way you view it, it is unlikely your parents are sitting on a fortune.

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