Dan Dare / Eagle Artists:
Don Harley and Greta Tomlinson

I am indebted to David Britton for sending me the Eagle Times copies signed by Don Harley and Greta Tomlinson and their photos below.
Eagle Times 10'th Anniversary Edition My most prized possession and the Best Christmas gift anyone can hope for:

Received on November 16, 1998

Eagle Times 10'th Anniversary Edition (Spring 1998 - Vol. 11 No. 1) signed by Don Harley, the last surviving Dan Dare artist, and Greta Tomlinson who worked for Eagle comics in the early 1950's.
Donald Harley autograph
To Jack,
With best wishes
Donald Harley
Not only am I the proud owner of the 10'th Anniv. edition but also a copy of Winter 1997 - Vol. 10 No.4 edition signed by the same artists.

I am deeply indebted to David Britton who made the above possible. Heart-felt thanks David. I will cherish these autographed copies forever.
Greta Tomlinson autograph
To Jack with best wishes
from Greta Tomlinson
1997 Eagle Times cover

Eagle Times Vol. No 4, WInter 1997

Greta Tomlinson

Donald Harley

I am not sure whose signature this is?

Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future

Photos of Greta and Don at a charterhouse (just outside Godalming near Guildford in the county of Surrey just south of London) where Eagle Day 4 was held on Nov. 4, 1998.

Don Harley

Don Harley
displaying some of the original Dan Dare artboards.
The artboard to his far right belongs to David Britton. It is an example of Harold Johns work from "Marooned on Mercury".

Don Harley joined the Dan Dare team in late 1951 after Frank Hampson had given a lecture at the art school where he was studying. Don is credited with being the backbone of the team during Frank Hampsons periods of illness, and was dubbed "The second best Dan Dare artist" by Frank himself. Don Harley worked on Dan Dare until Keith Watson took over as sole artist in 1962. His last Dan Dare work involved drawing panels to hide the Eagle logo in the Dragons Dream reprints in 1979.

You can write to Don Harley at:

Don Harley
70, Riverway
Ewell, Epsom, Surrey
KT19 0HH

Greta Tomlinson

Greta Tomlinson
holding an original artboard from Eagle Annual 2 " Mars 1988". She signed it for David Britton who bought it at Christies some 5 years ago.

Greta Tomlinson had studied at the Slade Art School in London before joining the Dan Dare team. Whilst at the studio she worked closely with Harold Johns. Perhaps her most notable achievement is being the model for Professor Peabody, one of Dan's crew on many of his adventures. She worked in the Eagle studio from 1950 to 1954, and went on to have a long career in advertising and illustration.

See 40th Anniversary Exhibition - Souvenir Brochure 
signed by Greta Tomlinson, Jocelyn Thomas & Joan Porter

Bayford Lodge - the Dan Dare Studio. This page is dedicated to Joan Porter.
Photos of Frank Hampson studio team taken by Joan in 1958 and never published before. Published in a limited edition (100 copies), 10 page booklet.

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