The first Dan Dare story - (untitled but known to fans as ‘The Venus Story’) - was dramatized for radio and broadcast on Radio Luxembourg in 1951. Actor, Noel Johnson who also played the BBC’s Dick Barton, was the voice of Dan Dare. Other original stories followed up until 1956 . By all accounts, a very successful series for the listeners and the sponsors, Horlicks. Sadly, however none of the original recording seem to have survived. 

Recently (April 2002) and from a reliable source that shall remain anonymous, I heard a story that a few years back someone had bough a few original radio tapes in Belgium. The person offered to sell copies of the tapes for 100 Pounds each. After he was enlightened about possible copyright enfringement, he got scared and subsequently sold the tapes to someone in Spain whose name he did not want to divulge. All subsequent attempts to locate the tapes have failed.

According to the Dan Dare Dossier the cast was: 

Dan Dare - Noel Johnson, Digby - John Sharpe, Professor Peabody - Ann Cullin, The Mekon - Francis de Wolfe. 

Additional Parts - Howard Marion Crawford, Kennith Williams, Norman Shelly and Ralph Richardson.

Announcer - Bob Danver Walker

The theme music was called Radiolocation

In 1990, the BBC’s Radio 4 produced a four part serial - Dan Dare, Pilot Of The Future, again, based on the Venus story. This time Dan was played by Mick Ford, with Terrance Alexander as Sir Hubert.

Scan from The Dan Dare Dossier, pages 34, 25 & 36

News flash: April 19, 2002

Spanish Dan Dare radio show (1953-1958)

I bet most Dan Dare fans did not know of the Spanish version of Dan Dare radio show. Here is what I found about it.

(Dan Dare's Interplanetary Adventure)

"The Space heroe Dan Dare inspired a series on SER network (Spanish National Radio Network), which would last for four seasons, from the end of 1953 to June 1958, with titles of Diego Valor (Dan Dare), Diego Valor y el Príncipe Diabólico (Dan Dare and the Evil Prince), Diego Valor y el Misterio de Júpiter (Dan Dare and Jupiter Mystery), Diego Valor y el Planeta Errante (Dan Dare and the Wandering Planet). There were a total of 1200 episodes, being transmitted at 12:00 noon with a break and continuation at 7:15PM immediately after Dos hombres buenos (Two good Men)."

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