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The following material was gracefully given to me in April 2002 by David Britton, one of the prime organizers of the exhibition as it tours the U.K. The page contains some of the promotional materials from past and present exhibitions, all of which can only be obtained at an exhibition.

David Britton, Nicholas Hill and Howard Smith were involved in arranging exhibitions throughout the country in 2000 to mark 50 years since EAGLE was first published on 14th April 1950. The response was tremendous!

In November 2000, EAGLE EXHIBITIONS was created as an informal, non-profit making group, providing a range of exhibitions from a single display cabinet to the whole floor of a museum or gallery.

Our mission is simple ...

... to arrange nostalgic, educational and fun exhibitions for all ages and to introduce a new generation to Eagle , the “best comic ever”. We rely on sponsorship and where appropriate, a small fee for entry to the exhibition.

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Dan Dare got there first

Display exhibit, page 1

Display exhibit, page 2

A set of 6 full colour postcards celebrating the 50th birthday of Dan Dare. 
Each image has been faithfully reproduced from the original artwork.

Recent Exhibitions News:


28th February 2002
This weekend Northampton Borough Council's Central Museum and Art Gallery will be welcoming a visitor who is out of this world - the comic book hero Dan Dare!

Old Exhibitions News:

Dan Dare Got There First - March-June, 2001, Croydon
celebrates Britain's first and best known spaceman, whose exploits were regaled on the front page of the Eagle comic in the 1950s. It examines how remarkably accurate some of its predictions for the future were (and glosses over the absence of large green creatures with domed foreheads from contemporary life). Creator Frank Hampson's visions of satellite television, space shuttles, the channel tunnel and swing-wing aircraft are just some of the stuff of science fiction which have become science fact. The Ministry of Defence reputedly subscribed to the Eagle to see what he would come up with next. Displayed here are examples of original artwork, models of space ships used by Hampson as reference, and a recreation of the studio in which he worked. There is also collection of merchandise, with ray guns, walkie talkies, jigsaws, games and pop up books. Croydon Clocktower until 3rd June.

50th Anniversary Exhibition - Atkinson Art Gallery - Southport - England
April 14 to July 1 2000
The Exhibition is called "Where Eagles Dare"Dan Dare in plaster cast

"The exhibition (which will be mainly my collection and some items from other members) It is part of the Eagle 50th Anniversary Dinner

I am part of the organizing committee, with Nick Hill and Ron French. 

The Eagle Society is donating the bust (in bronze) to be mounted outside the gallery. I have a picture of the plaster cast (left). I now have two painted versions and the bronze will be done by 2nd April."

Note From: David Britton  <DavidBritton@compuserve.com>
on: Sun, 27 Feb 2000

For the bronze statue, click on the image or here.

Pilot of the future reaches 50
BBC News UK, Monday, 10 April, 2000

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999
From: David Britton <DavidBritton@compuserve.com>
Subject: Comic Awards 99

The National Comic Awards 99 were held in Bristol on 3rd April and 6 members of the eagle Society, including myself attended and gave some presentations on Eagle.

I covered the Artwork of Dan Dare, using some of my original art collection, Alistair Crompton spoke on his book "The Man Who Drew Tomorrow" on the life of Frank Hampson, Gordon Daniel showed a four minute clip from a pilot for a new Dan Dare film which hasn't got off the ground yet (no pun intended) and Richard Sheaf did an A-Z of eagle characters. We had an hour in all with about 30 people attending. There was a quiz and I gave an original Eagle (No 31) as the prize to the winner. But best of all at the dinner in the evening Eagle was voted the Best Comic of the 20th Century and we received a "Golden Jimmy" the comic equivalent of the Oscars. Dan dare narrowly missed being voted the " most missed character", an award we won last year.

On the 23rd April we have the annual Eagle society Dinner at Harrow in North London with guest speakers Derek Lord, Bruce Cornwell and others.

40th Anniversary Exhibition - Souvenir Brochure signed by Greta Tomlinson, Jocelyn Thomas & Joan Porter

Please visit Eagle Exhibitions website and help them organize the next one.

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