5th-7th April 2016
Best Western Donnington Manor Hotel


The Eagle Society is dedicated to the memory of 'Britain's National  Strip Cartoon Weekly - Eagle' 1950-1969.

The Society has about 250 members. Membership includes the excellent quarterly journal -- EAGLE TIMES. Its focus is on Eagle/Dan Dare early years. There are also various events run by the society: each year we have a weekend where former Eagle artists or writers and invited as guests. There are also Eagle Days at different locations around the country each year: these are informal events for members to bring along original artwork for display and to talk over old times.

2016 Annual Dinner Photos sent to me by David Britton
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Note from David Britton: I must point out to all our group that the photographer was Paul Napp, an Eagle Society member, who holds copyright on any of the images.


Captain Peter Hoare talked on “Nelson, The Great Sailor” featured on the back page of Eagle in 1957, scripted by Christopher Heyes (Clifford Makins) and drawn by Norman Williams.

Eric Summers talked about “The Happy Warrior” another Eagle back page story scripted again by Clifford Makins and drawn by Frank Bellamy.

Social Chat with Peter Hampson and David Britton.
Hampson Fans: The artwork was by Frank Hampson and brought along by Peter Hampson.
Intro to Peter Hampson by David Britton.

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