The Eagle Society
Dedicated to the memory of 'Britain's National 
Strip Cartoon Weekly - the Eagle' 1950-1969

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The Society has about 250 members. Membership includes the excellent quarterly journal -- EAGLE TIMES. Its focus is on Eagle/Dan Dare early years. There are also various events run by the society: each year we have a weekend where former Eagle artists or writers and invited as guests. There are also Eagle Days at different locations around the country each year: these are informal events for members to bring along original artwork for display and to talk over old times. For The Eagle Society subscription form, see the end of this page. For MS Word from, click here.

You can also write to: Keith Howard (Membership Secretary, Eagle Society), 25A Station Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 2UA, UK.

Or you can contact Adrian Perkins, archivist for and one of the founders of The Eagle Society. He co-authored the book, The SF World Of Dan Dare, with David Ampleford.

Other important names: Howard Corn (Chairman, Eagle Society), Tony Cowley (Eagle Times Magazine Consultant, Eagle Society)

Sample Eagle Times covers including Eagle Times Annual No. 1
Eagle Times 10'th Anniversary Edition
Eagle Times 10'th Anniversary Edition 
(Spring 1998 - Vol. 11 No. 1)
1997 Eagle Times cover
Eagle Times Vol. No 4, WInter 1997

Eagle Times, Vol. 15, No. 1, Spring 2002

Eagle Times Annual No. 1 (1997)
Above books were sent to me by David Britton between 1998-2002. Thank you David.

The Eagle Society Subscription for 2012


To get a copy, join the The Eagle Society via Annual Subscription to Eagle Times magazine, which is published four times annually.

The Subscription rate for 2016 is: UK £27; Overseas £38 (in £s Sterling, please).

Postal applications to: Keith Howard, 25A Station Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2UA, United Kingdom.

If you wish to pay by Paypal (to the eagle-times hotmail address below) we request an additional payment of £1.50:


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