Living with Eagles
Just Published - April 1998

Living with Eagles: Marcus Morris, Priest and Publisher
Sally Morris and Jan Hallwood
Foreword by Sir Tim Rice

Living with Eagles traces the career and personal life of one ol the most successful and well loved magazine publishers in Britain. A controversial figure (his clerical state did not prevent him or his wife from indulging in affairs). Marcus Morris's desire to counter the influence of cheap American comics led him to found the well-loved Eagle and its sisters Girl, Swift, and Robin, read by a generation of British children in the '50s and early '60s.

Gerald Scarfe and David Hockney had their teenage drawings published in Eagle, and many of Eagle's regular illustrators are well-known today. Some of them have drawn cartoons especially for this book, while an 8 page colour section shows many of the strips and other features that made Eagle sospecial,

Living with Eagles shows how Morris parted company with his magazines' publisher, Hulton Press, after they were taken over, and how Eagle then declined and was finally absorbed, Morris joined the National Magazine Company, soon becoming managing director, and turned it into one of the most successful magazine publishing houses in Britain, launching Harpers & Queen and Cosmopolitan among other titles.

This book will be a fascinating read for ex-readers and current collectors of Morris's magazines, and for those interested in the history of popular culture and the media.

The Authors: Sally Morris and Jan Hallwood are two of the daughters of Marcus Morris, Sally is a former freelance journalist while Jan is a former newspaper music critic.

312pp, 234x 156mm - r.r.p, 25; including UK p&p 26.95 - publication 21st April.

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Chaplain Dare
From "Living with Eagles"
Before Dan Dare appeared in its familiar form, Marcus Morris tossed around
the idea of Dan as a chaplain - emulating Marcus himself in real life.
Needless to say, chaplain Dare could have never achieved the
familiar  popularity wearing a collar.

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