Frank Bellamy (1917-1976)
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Frank Bellamy

Frank Bellamy had been illustrating strip cartoons for 4 years, having worked on Mickey Mouse Weekly and Swift before he joined Eagle in 1957. After working as part of the Hampson team, he was chosen to take over the strip in 1960 when Frank Hampson left. Feeling reluctant to make changes to another persons creation, he agreed to illustrate Dan Dare for only one year. In that year he produced some astounding artwork, bringing a sense of action and drama to the work. After his stint on Dan Dare he went on to draw other strips for Eagle as well as other comic strip work, including illustrating Doctor Who for the Radio Times. In 1971 he took over the popular Garth strip in the Daily Mirror newspaper. in 1976 Frank Bellamy died suddenly of a heart attack.

Commentary by: Andrew Paul '96

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