Featuring: Frank Bellamy, Frank Hampson,
Harold Johns & Keith Watson 

Eagle / Dan Dare
Original Artwork by collector Terry Doyle

© 2002 by Terry Doyle

Terry Doyle is an avid Dan Dare fan and artwork collector. In his possession, he has an extensive collection of over fifty DARE boards from the 1950s and 1960s - including many Hampson examples and three Bellamys. 

For Hawk Books' DAN DARE hardback reprint series in Volumes 8 -10 Terry produced short background features for these books (two in collaboration with Alan Vince), the first of which reproduced extremely rare 'Colour Visual' artwork for THE PHANTOM FLEET. 

Terry has recently had an article published in COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE.

Between Jan. 1 & 5, 2002, Terry send me a few original artwork scans featuring the above artists.

Please note that this artwork is owned and copyrighted by Terry Doyle and may not be copied, retransmitted or used in any way without the author's express permission. 
E-mail to: Terry.Doyle@care4free.net.

Frank Bellamy

Top part of Bellamy's original art for revamped DAN DARE of 'Project Nimbus'

Top part of Bellamy's original art for revamped 
DAN DARE of 'Project Nimbus'.

Part of a Bellamy DARE 'Trip to Trouble' page

Part of a Bellamy DARE 'Trip to Trouble' page

Frank Hampson

Hampson 'Operation Saturn'

Part of a Hampson 'Operation Saturn' page

Hampson's Pencil Work for MODESTY BLAISE

Here's a scan of part of an (unpublished) tryout strip for MODESTY BLAISE. 

This is a unique example, being pencils-only. All other (surviving) Hampson MB art exists in the form of partly-inked dailies. A rare opportunity to see Hampson pencil work! Hampson's MODESTY BLAISE tryout art is the first ever MB work in existence!

A superb front page form "Reign of the Robots" (1958).

The original shown here has a delicacy of line and brightness that never survived the printing process which dramatically changed the colour and thickness of the line work. This page also demonstrates another unique feature of of the Dan Dare strip - the use by Eric Eden of the airbrush. From 1955 to 1959 he used it mainly, as here, for space backgrounds. His airbrush work demonstrates a high degree of technical proficiency and creativity.

The Rogue Planet cover 
Eagle Vol 7 - No. 47 - November 23, 1956

Frank Hampson's last Dan Dare cover

Frank Hampson's last Dan Dare cover Eagle 
Vol 10 - No. 27 Terra Nova
Compare the above to the poorly reproduced published Eagle version

Following Hampson originals are not owned by Terry Doyle

Hampson's: 'Dan Dare', Eagle Vol.1, No.47, 1951
Owner Dennis Steeper, N.Z.???

Hampson's: 'Dan Dare', The Man from Nowhere
owned by Nicholas Hill. It is no longer in its original format, as this page was cannibalised for an abridged reprint that appeared in the EAGLE of the late 1960s. (Note by Terry Doyle).
Here are more originals owned by Nicholas.

Frank Hampson/Dan Dare Original Artwork which had between Dec. 2001 & Feb. 2002 sold at bookpalace.com

Harold Johns

Part of a Harold Johns 'Red Moon Mystery' cover

Keith Watson

Keith Watson's Mekon

Part of a Keith Watson cover from 'Wandering World', featuring an all-time-classic Mekon shot!

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