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I am looking for Dan Dare’s Spacebook (1953)
Hulton Press - (1953) - Illustrated by Frank Hampson, Bruce Cornwell and Desmond Walduck

ebaY.ca, listing of Dan Dare Auction Items
Checked Mar. 23, 2002, always a lot of DD/Eagle stuff.
Advanced Book Exchange, Victoria, BC, Canada - many book stores under one roof
Checked Mar. 23, 2002 - Lots of DD books. Great site for Eagle Annuals Dan Dare books. In the past, I have ordered from them, "The Man From Nowhere", "Eagle Annual No.7" & "DAN DARE Pilot of the Future (vol. 5)".
Pure Nostalgia <Excellent site for Eagle/Dan Dare Annuals>
More Annuals
Checked June 3, 2002. Many Eagle/Dan Dare Annuals.
On June 3, 2002, I received: Dan Dare Space Annual 1963, Eagle Annual 1962 (Eagle 11), Eagle Annual 1963 (Eagle 12) and Dan Dare Annual 1974. All books were in excellent shape. This site is highly recommended and you will be attended in a very professional and expedient manner.
The Book Palace
Checked Dec. 25, 2001 (only vols. 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 available). 
Yahoo! Auctions Eagle
Checked Mar. 26, 2002, some 1950-91 Eagle Annuals
Checked Mar. 26, 2002.
I have hundreds of Eagle weekly issues for sale (1950-1969) plus other related material as shown below. Please contact me if you wish to acquire any of these items or if you have Eagle material to sell. You won't find a keener enthusiast!
Paul A. Whyles - Second-Hand Books Children's Sorted By Author's Surname - Section E
Checked April 16, 2002. Some Eagle Annuals
Border Bookshop,U.K.
61A & 63 Halifax Rd, Todmorden, Lancashire, OL14 5BB, United Kingdom
Tel: 01706 814721, Email: collinge@borderbookshop.fsnet.co.uk

Checked Mar. 23, 2002, huge number of Eagle magazines.
Comics and Magazines
Checked Mar. 23, 2002, many Eagle magazines from 1951-1966.
Dan Dare merchandise - CMA international, by Bob Wildman
Checked Mar. 23, 2002, a few D.D. volumes there
Bookbarn.co.uk - one million used books in stock
Checked Mar. 23, 2002, some reprints: Vol. 12, Vol. 2, Vol. 5. - very expensive
26pigs.com Comics Anuuals Collectibles Comic Auction
Checked June 3, 2002. Some 1980's Eagle Annuals.
D&M Books,West Yorkshire, UK
Checked Mar. 23, 2002, only some Eagle Annuals.
The Children's Bookshop, U.K. contact R W GARDNER
Checked Mar. 23, 2002, Dan Dare Collectors Edition vols; 10, 11 and 12
In Mar. 1998, they had - Dan Dare vols; 2, 11 and 12 which I promptly ordered on March 10. The books arrived on April 16. These volumes were well packed and protected and are in excellent condition. 
Vault Auctions, U.K.
Checked Mar. 23, 2002. The next Vault auction is scheduled for May 2002. We are comitted to feature a vast selection of comics and collectibles that will cater to everyones taste. To find out how your items could be featured in this coming auction, click here.
Comic Book Postal Auctions, U.K.
Checked Mar. 23, 2002. 
Probably the best auction house for very rare Eagle/Dan Dare comics and merchandise. The winning bids go for very high price. Better bet is eBay.
Last auction was on March 5, 2002. Next auction June 2002. Would you like to be reminded by e-mail when auctions open and close? Click here.
Antiqbook - Europe's Premier Antiquarian Booksite.
Checked Mar. 23, 2002.
Some Dan Dare/Eagle Annuals and Dan Dare Collectors Edition volumes.
Search result for Eagle Annuals. - Search result for Dan Dare.
Brown Studies, U.K. 
Checked Mar. 23, 2002.
Bought Eagle Annual number 7 in 1999. They are associated with Advanced Book Exchange and Antiqbook.
Corgi Comic Classics: VW Van and Bedford CA Van - Eagle - Dan Dare - Corgi Classics - Collectiques Die-cast, Models and Kits. Two VW models in stock as of Dec 31, 2001. 
Models in the Corgi Comic Classics range were released during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Originally unsold, and hidden away in a warehouse, these models recreate the spirit of great British comics. A must for die-cast and comic enthusiasts alike.
buecher.de - Germany
Checked Dec. 25, 2001, one book there
Doing a search, few DD books are listed but only by ISBN without book titles so it is impossible to know what one is buying. 
Checked Mar. 23, 2002.nothing there.
On May 20, 2000, I purchased from them: Crompton: The Man Who Drew Tomorrow.
Forbidden Planet International
Checked Dec. 28, 2001, nothing there. They were curteous enough to reply to me via email.
Toy Ray Guns, including some pictures of Dan Dare guns and boxes.

Living with Eagles
Published - April 1998

For the review and order information, click here

Living with Eagles: Marcus Morris, Priest and Publisher
Sally Morris and Jan Hallwood
Foreword by Sir Tim Rice

Find a book via ISBN number or at a local library

From Comics International website, July 16, 2001

What price first Eagle annual?

Nicola Taylor via e-mail:

I AM writing to you in hope you can help me in finding out the price of a first edition Eagle Annual that my parents own. I have looked through your website and have been unable to find anything to help me in my quest!

The book was given to my father in 1950. It is in fair condition. My parents are just curious of the price and are considering selling. They have taken the book to be valued by a representative from Sotheby's, and they have recommended that the price would range a great deal – depending on the demand at the time from collectors (if that was the missing book from their collection).

If you are unable to answer, could you please consider all of your contacts in order to help me?

Which just goes to show you shouldn't really waste your time with Sotheby's. They didn't know, so they bluffed. Otherwise they would have told you the first Eagle Annual didn't appear until September 1951. The Eagle Book of Adventure Stories did, however, appear in late 1950. Could it be that?

Also, the condition of the book plays a very important part in determining its value. Fair is a very low grade – just above poor – but we suspect you're using it as a layman's term. Even so, it is difficult for us to accurately value the book without seeing it.

Getting back to the point, Eagle Annual 1 is worth about three times what the Eagle Book of Adventure Stories would fetch.

A Norfolk auction house recently offered the first three annuals as one lot which it anticipated would fetch between £20-30. On the other hand, a private seller recently offered 24 annuals from #1 to the 1975 edition (excluding 1974's) for in the region of £200 together.

The somewhat outdated 1997-98 Comic Book Price Guide indicates that a mint (perfect) condition copy of the first Eagle annual would be worth £45. Whichever way you view it, it is unlikely your parents are sitting on a fortune.

See also: Dan Dare comics & merchadise - what they sell for?

If anyone has additional D.D. merchandise sources, drop me a line.

Dan Dare Eagle Pocket Watch (early 1950s) Ingersoll with rocket second hand and moving arm display. Eagle logo to reverse.

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