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Whose idea was it first? You decide!

Digby lands in a telesender upside down
I wonder if Star Trek got the idea for the transporter 
from these Dan Dare clips?
The Eagle - Aug. 11, 1950.
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In the early 1960s, Dan had a bit of an update.

Part of the update was a new badge for the Interplanet Space Fleet.

Logo 2.jpg (10604 bytes)

Kirk Spock.jpg (7618 bytes)

Could this have inspired a badge on a certain TV series some years later.?

Kirk looks amused, while Spock finds it … fascinating.

From Brian Humphreys' excellent site at: http://dandare.freeservers.com/b&p.htm

One more "coincidence": Mekon had no emotions. Neither did Spock.

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