Rab Island Old Guestbook

Rab City Bell Towers - from about 1000 AD

I'd like to visit Rab Island next year.
Kinga Biró <k_biro@ksrt-sab.hu>
Budapest, Hungary - Mon Sep 3 05:55 2001DST

wonderful............ felt like i was there......
- Mon Jul 23 17:55 2001DST

I found your site when looking for info about Croatia. Very nice and informative. I have added a link on my site to it, so everybody can enjoy it. I hope adding this link isn't a problem.If so, just let me know, and i will remove it from my site. My site can be found at: http://jkersten.topcities.com (before: http://members.nbci.com/onslow_2000/hollandpage.htm) Greetings from Holland, Jan Kersten
Jan Kersten <jkersten@chello.nl>
Eindhoven, NB Holland - Mon Jul 16 08:56 2001DST

Obožavam Rab-svaki njegov kutak. Gost sam Raba dvije godine zaredom i dolazim i ove. Stranica Vam je O.K, iako, voljela bih imati više informacija o privatnom smještaju.
Kristina Ivanec <kristina_ivanec@yahoo.com>
Samobor, Hrvatska - Fri Jul 13 05:23 2001DST

Uaaaa,yeaaa.Last summer I and my girlfriend was on that most beatiful island on the world,but this summer I cant come and I am very sad.In that island "Rab",I and my girl. was in bigg romantic.I never forggotn for Rab! 1
tomy <tomyb@yahoo.com>
london, UK - Sat Apr 28 13:36 2001DST

Za vrijeme rata bila na na Rabu,i stvarno je prekrasan otok,zato bi molila sve one koji me se sjećaju neka mi pišu na e-mail tenline@bih.net.ba Pno pozdrava iz BiH!
tesanj, BiH - Sun Apr 15 07:53 2001DST

Ich freue mich sehr mal wieder etwas über " meine " Insel gelesen zu haben. Ich habe von ca. 1980 bis 1990 jedes Jahr dort meinen Sommerurlaub verbracht. Dann kamen meine Kinder auf die Welt und für die kleinen war mir der weg zu weit, dann kam der krieg und wir trauten uns nicht hin. Sehr gerne würde ich mit meiner Familie wieder urlaub dort machen, frei nach den Motto:einmal Rab immer Rab(von ivan jurcic, supartarska draga). Schöne grüße an meine ehemaligen freunde auf der insel. Besonders an Ivan Jurcic nebst gattin rosi sohn dragan schwiegertochter mirjana aus supertarska draga, an familie marijan aus rab, an die toncics aus barbat, an petar (den schönsten mann von der ganzen insel, wie er immer sagte, der kartenverkäufer von der fähre)den netten kellern vom imperial(sie nannten mich mister procek)und all die anderen die mir immer das gefühl gaben dort zu hause zu sein. Ich hoffe auf ein wiedersehen.
Fischer Volker <VoFis@aol.com>
Witten, BRD NRW - Wed Apr 11 22:23 2001DST

The most beautiful island with very friendly and simple people. My mother is from Rab.
Silvijo <silvijoplecas@hotmail.com>
Zagreb, Croatia Croatia - Wed Apr 4 23:56 2001DST

Sincere thanks for this excellent site! The info here is really great...I am interested in Croatia and hope to visit it soon since I have a close friend from there(not from Rab though). I will however try to visit Rab and the neighbouring islands - they seems to be relaxing!! Thanks again for the useful info. Keep up the excellent work.:)
Maria Muscat <rozinjol@waldonet.net.mt >
Nadur, Gozo MALTA - Thu Mar 22 10:19 2001EST

Congratulation well done,beatiful part of CROATIA. proud to be CROATION,long time left CROATIA 6/6/1957, But MY Heart is allways there,I love Croatia & all Croation who fill CROAT in the heart,not on paper. BOG I HRVATI.
Andrija Andy Bubic <andy bubic@one.net.au>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Sat Mar 10 01:19 2001EST

ivica blažun <ivica.blazun@zg.hinet.hr>
zagreb, - Tue Feb 27 09:46 2001EST

Thanks for your perfect websites. we link these to our german homepage for all german friends of otok rab. Take a look to www.rabforum.de. But it needs time, we have a lot of pictures inside. Greetings to all croatian friend. So long Dieter H. Bless General manager Rabforum eV
Dieter H. Bless <1222-692@onlinehome.de>
koenigsbrunn, Germany Bavaria - Sun Feb 18 09:11 2001EST

Croats are the best this little page is really good!!!!!!!
Lucy <sweetbabe_Lj>
Woodbridge, Canada - Sat Feb 17 19:24 2001EST

GREAT SITE! Now I want to visit Rab. Is it expensive?. Where can we stay? Can I bring my car from Italy?
J.R. Bloomquist <bronco44@in-tch.com>
deer lodge, montana 59722 usa - Thu Feb 8 12:44 2001EST

Bravo !
Surlina Edvard <d.e.surlina@t-online.de.>
Neustift, Tirol Österreich - Thu Feb 8 12:24 2001EST

Compliments for your beautiful (and big) site. It is very interesting and rich in history of Rab. Continue on this way! Best regards.
Julius <julius-k@katamail.com>
Trieste, Italy - Fri Feb 2 13:03 2001EST

my grandparents are from lopar. grandfather matt pecarina left the island in 1910 to move to minnesota. grandmother antonia belich came to minnesota in 1912. my aunt mary pecarina was born in lopar in 1909.
brad carlson <brad.carlson@tcb.state.tx.us>
austin, tx usa - Fri Jan 26 21:50 2001EST

Dragi Zeljko, Vrlo sam se iznenadila i obradovala kada sam pronasla ovu web stranicu. Ja sam sa Raba i ove prelijepe slike su malo ublazile moju nostalgiju za najljepsim morem na svijetu:) Hvala, Katarina
Katarina Susic Warrington
- Tue Jan 16 21:15 2001EST

Very intresting site. We will certainly visit Rab during aur sailing holiday in july 2001.
Dirk Raeymaeckers <dirk.raeymaeckers@pandora.be>
Brasschaat, Belgium - Sun Jan 7 04:18 2001EST

I spent time in RAB this summer. My mother grew up in Kampor, but my family has their summer homes in Supertarska Draga. It is a beautiful place that I wish I could visit every year.
Lori Shively <lshive@csrlink.net>
Bloomsburg, PA USA - Thu Jan 4 11:07 2001EST

Prekosutra dolazim na Rab i jedva cekam da stignem tamo. Ovaj docek Nove godine odlucila sam provesti na Rabu jer me zanimaju prirodne ljepote tog otoka.Puno pozdrava! Vidimo se!Hvala na dobrim informacijama putem ove stranice! Ciao!
Natali Macan <uljanik-proizvodnja-opreme@pu.tel.hr>
Pula, Istra Croatia - Thu Dec 28 04:42 2000EST

Excellent page - I especially love pictures and historical facts.
Marta S.Skrbis <Skrbiss@aol.com>
Brisbane, Queensland Australia - Sat Dec 9 21:14 2000EST

Zdravo, Rab je jedan izuzetno romantican grad (kao što ste i sami rekli). U to smo se uvjerili ljetos na odmoru. Nazivaju ga brodom s cetiri jarbola jer je Rab kao poluotok i ima cetiri crkve koje podsjecaju na jarbole. Sigurno cemo se vratiti na Rab, grad snova,romantike i mirisa mora
ivana sucevic <vladimir.sucevic@zg.tel.hr>
zagreb, croatia - Mon Nov 27 06:05 2000EST

My Father comes from Rab too! I was hoping too find my "Family Tree" by looking up my last name on the net, & then i stumbled upon this. I think its great that we have a web page on Croatia, & its many influences on how our customs have come about during wars, & influencial nations having too rule our country for many years, even centurys. Basically all i know about my family from my Fathers side, is that they all lived & died on the Island Rab, my grandfather had acres of farming land, & he married twice. My Father has two younger brothers who still live there & are living quite well appart from the horrific death of one of there daughters (Anita Badurina) which i belive the people of Rab would all know about. I would really like to trace back my "family tree" and find my ansestors. I also belive my ansestors were possibly from Italy. So would you be able to help me in my search of my lost ansestors? My Grandfathers name: Daniel Badurina, My Grandmothers Name: Anita Badurina (that was also her maiden name) they owned acres of farming land, inc. Olive grove & vinyard on the island. Please help :( Yours Sincerly Daniela Badurina
Daniela Badurina <BADURINA@bigpond.com>
Sydney, N.S.W. Australia - Mon Oct 30 21:45 2000EST

Ich grüße meine lieben Freunde in Barbat Familie Ivan Zigo und Familie Nada Zigo. Viele Grüße von Uwe. Bis nächstes Jahr.
uwe backert <uwebackert@t-online.de>
Redwitz, Bayern Deutschland - Thu Oct 26 07:09 2000DST

What a lovely page. I married a Croatian American, and have fallen in love with the Adriatic as a result. We plan to visit Sipan next summer, and it looks as if we should visit Rab as well.
suzanne ljubic <darkec@earthlink.net>
san francisco, california usa - Tue Sep 26 17:05 2000DST

This summer I spent my holidays in Rab and it was really great. I like the island very much and I´m sure I´ll come back!
poier alice <alice.poier@kfunigraz.ac.at>
graz, austria styria - Tue Sep 19 04:55 2000DST

Bio sam na Rabi. Bilo mi je super.
Stjepan Matrosevic <matosevic@inet.hr>
Pula, Croatia - Sat Sep 2 09:08 2000DST

Hvala, odlican i kompletan site.
Geraldina Kazilari <hoteldalmacia@infovia.com.ar>
Mar del plata, Argentina - Fri Aug 18 06:25 2000DST

Hvala, odlican i kompletan site.
Geraldina Kazilari <hoteldalmacia@infovia.com.ar>
Mar del plata, Argentina Argentina - Fri Aug 18 06:23 2000DST

Lots of information, nice to read. Very interesting: People of Rab in WWW. Congratulations.
Lisa D.
Germany - Thu Aug 17 13:31 2000DST

We had a postcard of Rab from some Italian friends on holiday. It looked such a beautiful place. Where is this place we said to each other. Now we know
Mike Whitehead <Mike_Whitehead@callnet0800.com>
Ikley, West Yorkshire United Kingdom - Wed Aug 16 05:57 2000DST

This is the best site I've seen so far. I'll be going to Trieste soon and while I'm there want to visit Croatia for a few days. I'll stay on one of the Kvarner islands so I'm going through the web sites tring to take my pick. Rab is the favourite so far, mainly because it seems to have the greenest interior along with the georgous coast and towns. I was fascinated to see Cabot was from Rab, without him there might not be a Canada or USA (as we know them). If you develop the site further how about including a number of suggested walks and secluded coves. Hvala Al
Alasdair Daw <al_daw@hotmail.com>
Basildon, Essex Britain - Mon Aug 14 12:49 2000DST

Dolazim i uživam već 20 godina , i nadam se da ću još barem pet puta toliko ( još nemam ni 30 godina ). By the way, site je samo takav!!!!!
Krešimir Šipek <kresimir.sipek@zg.tel.hr>
Zagreb, Hrvatska - Sun Aug 6 14:20 2000DST

Like the site: you write good English, too. I've been visiting Rab every year since 1994: a really good place to spend a holiday.
Andrew Evans
Luxembourg, - Tue Aug 1 13:30 2000DST

Congratulations your site is very well done! I enjoyed very much visiting it. My best friend comes from RAB and he always tried to describe it to me, now I know how it looks like and it is beautiful.
Sylviane de CERJAT <cerjat@infomaniak.ch>
Geneva, Switzerland - Tue Jul 25 05:56 2000DST

Svaka čast. Jako dobro. Mislim da Vam nedostaje red vožnje trajekta, cijene prijevoza trajektom. Malo više o restoranima, hrani, izletištima, hotelima, općenito o smještaju.
Gordana D. Kolarević <gogy@net.hr>
Zagreb, Croatia - Wed Jul 19 02:06 2000DST

I was looking, but could nog find, a timetable for the ferry to Rab. If it's somewhere on the web would you please inform me. Thanks, sincerly yours, Marius Dussel, dutch journalist who stayed coming to -and wrote articles of- Rab even in the difficult years
Dussel, Marius <m.dussel01@chello.nl>
Leeuwarden, Friesland Netherlands - Tue Jul 4 07:05 2000DST

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - Tue Jun 20 04:10 2000DST

We a going to visit Rab this summer.
Jan Andersson <jani.andersson@telia.com>
Sweden - Tue Jun 13 11:36 2000DST

david cavalla <david.cavalla@arachnova.com>
cambridge, england - Fri Jun 9 14:04 2000DST

A very nice site this is. Our compliments. Dovidjnja
Johan i Anna Spaan-Drempetic <Johan.spaan@planet.nl>
Rotterdam, Holland - Wed Jun 7 14:03 2000DST

I am so happy to find your site about RAB . It's very good but remenber that Kampor is not the unique beautifull part of RAB ...There is also Supetarska Draga... My father is from draga.. See you DOM
Pljesa <dominique.pljesa@libertysurf.fr>
Paris, France - Sat Jun 3 06:00 2000DST

Coming soon!
Reno <reinhard.pedratscher@ksv.at>
Graz, Austria - Thu Jun 1 10:33 2000DST

Complimenti per il sito di Rab. Spero che fra non molto possa essere letto anche in italiano. Saluti cordiali da Antonio
Antonio Zanini <rosolina@polesineinnovazione.it>
Rosolina, Italia Rovigo - Mon May 29 23:08 2000DST

pogledao po preporuci časopisa BUG i nisam požalio
darkokrušić <dkrusic@globalnet.hr>
zagreb, - Wed May 24 14:35 2000DST

Uzivao sam citajuci,hvala za opustajuce trenutke.Mi dalmatinci volimo nase more.Krasno ste ovo napravili. Hvala vam! SVETO BEGOVIC BOG!
Sveto Begovic <jadrankab@hotmail.com>
Adelaide, SA Australia - Wed May 24 05:25 2000DST

Great site. Congratulations!!
Gregor Vavpotič <gregor.vavpotic@siol.net>
Radovljica, Slovenia - Sun May 14 06:46 2000DST

Visiting your Island by sea in September 2000. Found all the info I could wish for. Can not wait for this visit. Cheers - Sue
Sue Dallimore <fairley@xtra.co.nz>
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand - Sun May 14 03:29 2000DST

Please send information M. Nishiyama 802 Clark Street Rapid City SD 57701 USA please send Croatian coins
M. Nishiyama <mnish@tdh.com>
Rapid City, South Dakota USA - Wed May 10 11:50 2000DST

Puno pozdrava iz Trenta od jednog "Fiumana" koji zivi i radi u Italiji, a svoje praznike redovito provodi na Rabu.
DIEGO CIKES <dicikes@tin.it>
TRENTO, ITALIA - Mon May 1 02:52 2000DST

Pozdrav dragom Rabu i svim Rabljanima osobito Editi Susic.
mirela susic
oakville, canada - Thu Apr 20 17:33 2000DST

Very very good.
Ivo Brna <Jjohnbetty>
El Cerrito, CA. U.S.A. - Mon Apr 17 11:35 2000DST

We will spend our summer holliday on Rab Island. I hope it will be wonderful time. Thank you for the information about the Island.
Henryk <henryk99@polbox.com>
Poznan, Poland - Sat Apr 8 11:12 2000DST

Ivo Brna < Jjohnbetty>
El Cerrito, CA USA - Tue Apr 4 22:40 2000DST

ZAGREB, - Mon Apr 3 07:26 2000DST

Our grandparents came Croatia. Kovpric - Jurejevcic - Schibret(Slovenia) - Filak. I just happen on your website, from the pictures - it's beautiful!
Shirley Schibret <schibret@juno.com>
Burlington, Washington USA - Wed Mar 22 19:46 2000EST

Renato Marusic <marusic@packard bell.nl>
rotterdam, nederland - Sun Mar 19 12:50 2000EST

Super web site.Na Rabu cu biti ove godine treci put (AC III. PADOVA) i veoma mi se svidja. Puno pozdrava, a za dobar mjesec vec se vidimo.
Damjan Žulic <damjan.zulic@insert.si>
Novo mesto, Slovenija Slovenija - Sun Mar 5 00:09 2000EST

Stranica je prekrasna, lako se otvara i brzo, fotografije su predivne, a tekst bogat. Izaziva osjećaj - moram posjetiti Vaš prelijepi otok! Srdačan pozdrav iz Lošinja
Branka <ivica.mance@ri.tel.hr>
Mali Losinj, Hrvatska - Sat Mar 4 10:41 2000EST

Opet ja! Koliko mi se svida ova stranica ne trebam ni govoriti! Ali ipak cu je upotrijebiti za jednu malenu potraznicu. Ako itko od onih koji procitaju ovu poruku zna nesto o decku sa Raba koji se zove Marijan Lovric ( barem njegovu e-mail adresu) neka mi se, molim, javi na moj e-mail! Hvala! Puno pozdrava od Dase!
Dasa <dasa79@hotmail.com>
Sezana, Slovenija - Wed Feb 23 05:04 2000EST

Stranica vam je stvarno fenomenalna, osobito mi se svida povijest. Odlicna je i stranica koju je napravio Hrvoje Keko. Pisala sam mu na e-mail:hkeko@public.srce.hr ali mi se ne javlja, zanima me, je li mozda adresa pogresna ili promijenjena? Puno pozdrava i unaprijed hvala na odgovoru! Dasa.
Dasa <dasa79@hotmail.com>
- Tue Feb 22 03:57 2000EST

A evo rabljanka zapela na stranu sa Raba ko da ga uzivo nemoze dovoljno gledat-- kako bilo da bilo strana je pristojna...
Vedrana <vexie_2000@yahoo.com>
- Sat Feb 19 05:45 2000EST

I love Rab and I hope to be there this summer again to visit my parents, Bradica and wife.
Stefan Ehrenberg <se@wwdc.net>
Dania Beach, Florida USA - Thu Feb 17 09:00 2000EST

Rab is really the most beautiful place in the world, as far as I am concerned. My husband prefers Rovinj, but that's *his* problem :-)

The island is incredibly peaceful, and we found the people to be extremely friendly and helpful. Anybody wanting a seaside holiday couldn't possibly do better than Rab: the sea is amazingly warm and clear, and you can alway find a pleasant, private spot where it's just you and nature. And *do* go snorkelling or scuba diving: the sea-life is fascinating!

Thanks for the work you've put into the web-page: besides bringing back some really good memories, I enjoyed learning more about Rab's history; there's not all that much information on Rab 'out there' as others have pointed out; keep it up!
Kerry Allemann <kerry_allemann@oxbridge.co.za>
Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa - Mon Feb 14 06:18 2000EST

Very good web site. I am friend of Croatia and every year I am going there. Now I want to visite Rab.
Jiri Kozak <kozak@mbox.vol.cz>
Liberec, Czech rep. Czech rep. - Mon Jan 31 03:23 2000EST

We will be soon back in Rab, Barbat "ACO"
Bernd Kleinlein <rezeption@hotel-rednitzgrund.de>
nuernberg, Bavaria BRD - Sat Jan 22 09:09 2000EST

bok!!! moram ti rec da ti je stranica prva liga i samo tako nastavi zelim ti puno srece sa tvojom stranici zeli ti Sreten iz Banjola
Sreten Drekic <sreten.drekic@planet-interkom.de>
Recklinghausen, Germany NRW - Thu Jan 13 13:36 2000EST

We can't wait to see this island in person!
Mirella Nichelson <sharky@lni.net>
Adrian, MI 49221 USA - Sun Jan 2 14:19 2000EST

What a beautiful area. Note my name...perhaps we're related in some way with your Rapske.
Donald Rapske <Mnraps36@aol.com>
- Tue Dec 21 08:57 1999EST

You are good.!!!
Ivan <zupanic_ivan@yahoo.com>
Virovitica, Hrvatsak - Fri Dec 10 12:35 1999EST

I really like this page!!!! it gives alot of info' about Rab !! i used to live in croatia but now i live in kitchener ontario. i lived in a city called Mostar!! it's really beautiful there ! my wish is to go back and live there someday(as soon as posible) im 13 years old now and i came to canada when i was about 10 or 11 years old.Ireally really miss my country !!! i miss the sea and all the other atractions there are !!! i'm kinda beginig to forget my language (kinda) thats why i try to look for croatian chat room's but i cant find any (weird) so if any of you have any idea where i should go please e-mail me. thanx in advance :o)
daca <dalice2000@hotmail.com>
kitchener, ontario canada - Sat Nov 6 19:37 1999EST

years ago i spend 3 times my holidays on your nice island. for the next year i will try to come back to rab. but i need some offers or nearer informations for holiday appartments because we are trying to come with 2 families and we are looking for a house where you can spend your holidays with 8 persons (4 adults, 4 children)
MBarein <osiw861@aol.com>
Lünen, Northrhine-Westfalia Germany - Sat Nov 6 14:59 1999EST

Father Josip Tonsic is from Barbat.
Norman Tonsic <ntonsic@msn.com>
Etters, PA USA - Tue Oct 19 09:01 1999DST

Great site! Thanks for all the information.
Rebecca A. Butala (R.A.B) <rbutala@hotmail.com>
Calabasas, CA USA - Mon Oct 18 20:02 1999DST

i enjoyed reading your most informative history of rab. rab is one of my favorite places. i spent a few day in barbat back in may of 1999 and i am looking forward to visiting in the very near future. by the way , my family (grandfather on fathers side) came from the sandrovac/sirova katelena area Near bjelovar.
john m. goricki <czargoricki@hotmail.com>
lexington, south carolina usa - Wed Sep 22 11:55 1999DST

Your page is really cool and to be honest I didn´t expect to find any page on Rab. So it is a pleasant surprise. It reminded me of the nice days I spent there this summer. Carry on your good work.
Katka Repová
- Wed Sep 1 21:42 1999DST

Hello everybody in Croatia Rab!!!! Kako ste? Well I was in Rab a few weeks ago on holiday and had a wonderful time Thank you for your hospitality. I'll be seeing you again next year. Dovidjenja i vidi mo se na godinu. Sidonija!!!
Sidonija Madjarevic <sidmad21@ hotmail.com>
Johannesburg, South Africa - Wed Sep 1 05:22 1999DST

Drago mi je viditi dobre stranice Otoka Raba. Pogotovo kada imam prilike da ga posjetim svakih pet godina. Odrzavajte dobar posao. Bruno iz Canade Ps: Pozdravljam sve Pahljine na Mundaniama i ocolice
Bruno Pahljina <bruno_pahljina@dccnet.com>
Halfmoon Bay, B.C. Canada - Sun Aug 22 17:02 1999DST

Drago mi je viditi dobre stranice Otoka Raba. Pogotovo kada imam prilike da ga posjetim svakih pet godina. Odrzavajte dobar posao. Bruno iz Canade
Bruno Pahljina <bruno_pahljina@dccnet.com>
Halfmoon Bay, B.C. Canada - Sun Aug 22 17:00 1999DST

veckrat sem ze gostovala v loparju in vedno znova sem ocarana
vesna <vesna.pusovnik@siol.net>
celje, slovenia - Sat Aug 7 16:39 1999DST

Izvrsan Vam je web page. Samo tako nastavite. Najvise me je poradovala Himna Hrvatskih Mornara nasega Olivera. Ovdje veoma retko pristanu nasi brodovi, a kada su tu uvjek ih posjetimo. Svako dobro i mirno more, Bog Drago
Drago Krakovic <DragoKraka@aol.com>
Honolulu, Hawaii USA - Thu Aug 5 21:59 1999DST

Rab ist einfach wunderschoen...
Andrej Poracký <porackya@employment.gov.sk>
Bratislava, Slovakia - Tue Aug 3 02:29 1999DST

I will be visiting Rab & Dubrovnik next week. Your site is very interesting and helpful. Thank you
Nicholas Calderazzo <calderzo@yahoo.com>
New York, NY USA - Tue Jul 27 18:53 1999DST

nekoč bom tudi jaz obiskal rab
bruno ipavec <bruno.ipavec@siol.net>
medana, slovenija - Mon Jul 26 11:11 1999DST

We are Americans currently living in London. We are going on a cruise and one of the destinations is Rab Island. I had never heard of it so searched Yahoo for some information. Glad to have found your site!
susan dugas <dennis.dugas@virgin.net>
London, UK - Sun Jul 25 04:48 1999DST

I met a woman thru ICQ. She works as an ambulance doctor on your island, so i searched & found this page. It is wonderful, it answers all my questions & provides me with so much more. Thank You!
DJ Kennedy <amphib@gate.net>
Dania Beach, Florida USA - Sat Jul 24 15:41 1999DST

VELENJE, SLO SLO - Thu Jul 22 06:01 1999DST

super! schreibt doch noch (für junge Leute) ausgehmöglichkeiten, namen von discos, cafes etc., die zu empfehlen sind. oder gibt es sowas nicht auf der insel rab???
Tanja Sinko
Wetzlar, Germany - Sun Jul 18 03:21 1999DST

I love RAB . I LOVE IT. It has a great energy. Gabi
Gabrijela <gabrijela@bello.hr>
ZAGREB, CROATIA CROATIA - Fri Jul 16 04:21 1999DST

Srce mi je ustreptalo od radosti videci ove prekrasne stranice o voljenom Rabu. Tri godine sluzbovao sam u Mundanijama i tamo ostavio svoju mladost. Na sluzbi sam u Astoriji. Ovdje nas je desetak obitelji iz Raba. Nasli smo se za Krizevo. Skupili smo za obnovu katedrale. Pozdrav. Don Robert Zubovic
Father Robert Zubovic <rzubovic@aol.com>
L.I.C., U.S. NY - Tue Jul 13 21:50 1999DST

Nice web site. My great grandfather and grandfather are from RAB.
John Tomljenovic <j_tomljenovic>
Los Angeles, California USA - Tue Jul 6 20:16 1999DST

Letos sem se odlocil da grem na dopust na eden otok v kvarneru. Po pricevanju znancev sem se odlocil za otok RAB. Hitro sem se lotil iskanja informacij po internetu in zasledil sem zelo lepo oblikovane in zanimive podatke o otoku. Sedaj sem preprican da vas obiscem. LP JU-HU
ales dimnik <ales.dimnik@prosan.si>
maribor, slovenia - Mon Jul 5 22:24 1999DST

couldn't imagine such a beautiful place until i have been.
aldo fioravanti <fioravan@tin.it>
vicenza, italy - Mon Jun 28 03:03 1999DST

Hej,Hej Like last year we go again to Rab for holidays. This a lovely place, like my wife says "the paradise were there..." RB
Rafal Baranowski <baranows@ikard.waw.pl>
Warsaw, Poland - Wed Jun 23 23:13 1999DST

Congratulations for magnificent page. My heart is full. Carry on.
Samo Kordic <kordics@mbox.vol.cz>
Prague, Czech Republic - Wed Jun 9 09:51 1999DST

Jelka Košir <Jelkakosir@mailcity.com>
Novo mesto, Slovenia - Thu Jun 3 23:19 1999DST

Jedno nezaboravno ljeto...jedna nezaboravna ljubav...jedna nezaboravna godina...sto nezaboravna dogadjaja, milijun najljepsih zvijezda vidjela i najmanje 1000 dobrih ljudi upoznala one godine na Rabu...i samo zbog svih tih dogadjaja i ljudi, te ljepote tog prekasnog otoka - jos najmanje 2milijuna pozdrava svima onima, koji znaju sto je Rab i veliko hvala onima, koji su izgradili te predivne stranice...
Ingrid <smile_ingrid@yahoo.com>
switzerland - Wed May 26 14:17 1999DST

odlicna stranica
sanja rimac kecman <sanjakecman@hotmail.com>
vienna, austria sarajevo - Mon May 10 02:48 1999DST

Rosanda Midl, rodj. Juresa <rosanda.midl@sichelschmidt.at>
vienna, austria - Wed Apr 14 09:53 1999DST

Rab is the beautifulest Island I have ever seen and I have ever been to. There are wonderful beaches and the people there are also very, very nice. I have enjoyed my time there also much. Maybe I will come again to this wonderful place: Yours Madeleine
Madeleine Wilding <No e-mail>
Judenburg, Austria Steiermark - Fri Mar 26 05:25 1999EST

super stranica decki!!! ljepo da mozes vidjeti svoj otok po cijelom svijetu!
Sreten Drekic <sreten.drekic@cityweb.de>
Recklinghausen, Germany Nord-Reihn Westfalen - Sun Mar 21 05:34 1999EST

Drago mi je da se na internetu može naci stranica mog Otoka
andjelko valovičić <arbian@yahoo.com>
- Fri Mar 12 09:17 1999EST

Sve stonam treba mozda malo vise fotografija,jer za otok Rab nas vezu najljepse uspomene na koje cesto mislimo na hladnom Islandu. Sa postovanjem Ivica&Marijana
Duspara Marijana&Ivica <zagreb@simnnet.is>
Vestmannaeyum, Iceland Iceland - Sat Feb 27 13:22 1999EST

Eden najlepših otokov v Jadranu - definitivno!
Vik <vik_klancar@yahoo.com>
Ljubljana, Slovenija - Tue Feb 23 05:17 1999EST

My family and I are going to visit Rab the last week of July this year. We will live at Camp San Marino. This very informative website has maken us looking even more forward to our holyday on your lovely island.
Ejvind Jensen <ejvind.jensen@get2net.dk>
Faaborg, Denmark - Thu Feb 18 11:05 1999EST

Dobar Dan! Ja vrlo volim toj web-site! I love Rab and the entire coast of Croatia. As a Canadian-born Croatian I am so proud to see you on the web-site and looking forward to another visit in 1999! Bok! Michael Denis Panic
Michael Panic <michael.panic@mail.crcssd1.calgary.ab.ca>
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Wed Feb 17 17:23 1999EST

The most informative web page I have seen yet. Keep up the good work! Bog.
Josip Drazenovic <jorma@renc.igs.net>
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada - Wed Feb 10 17:55 1999EST

PUNK RULES ON RAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Graz, Austria - Wed Feb 10 08:48 1999EST

Imate mota i zivota!!!!!!
Marijan <marijan_guscic@hotmail.com>
- Wed Feb 3 01:16 1999EST

Decki, stranice su vam super. Inace, gotovo svake godine ljetujem na Rabu - tocnije, u Loparu - i veliki sam obožavatelj vašeg otoka. Zaista mislim da je to jedno od najljepših mjesta Sredozemlja. Nadam se da ce vrlo brzo biti kreirana i stranica Lopara. Vjerujem da cete na njoj prikazati one prekrasne uvale u zelenom pojasu! Puno pozdrava!!!
Irena Jugovic <publicis@zg.tel.hr>
Zagreb, Croatia - Fri Jan 29 03:13 1999EST

Greetings from Slovakia! I am very surprised to find so comprehensive and nice page, full of interesting facts concerning the Isle of Rab. I intend to spend my summer holiday in the Croatia. Now I'll really start to think about to visit the Isle of Rab. Thank you very much for the beautiful page! I wish you everything the best! Best regards Ivan Michalik
Ivan Michalik <ALIK@MEMO.IKEA.COM>
Bratislava, Slovak Republic Slovakia - Wed Jan 20 12:47 1999EST

I like your site - thank you for that. In this year I will go to Rab and maybee stay there for some time. If you have an answer to how to get on internet without a local phone downthere please write me. Is it possible with a public phone or is it possible through library or the post house?
Kim Rasmussen <kimovic@cool.dk>
Bjerringbro, Denmark - Sun Jan 17 21:50 1999EST

It is my dream to visit the counntry,of my father and mothers birth, in 1999.
Edward Koscic <kconsult@cyberdrive.net>
cleveland, Ohio usa - Fri Jan 1 19:26 1999EST

I don't think I have ever seen anything more beautiful than this page about Rab and Croatia. The pictures are magnificent.
Diana <BezZnanje@aol.com>
USA - Sun Dec 27 13:17 1998EST

hey classy page, interesting reading will visit again in the future
kathy baricevic <barra@hotmail.com>
melbourne, victoria australia - Thu Dec 10 16:32 1998EST

Vrlo lepa prezantacija. POZDRAV!!!
Ruzica Minic rodj.Mlacovic <jelenka eunet.yu>
beograd, Yu - Wed Dec 2 11:51 1998EST

I made a mistake, my Grandmother, Katarina Matijevic was born in JABLANAC, close to Rab! I will visit this site often...
Nedra <NEvans7115@aol.com>
Texas USA - Sat Nov 21 12:45 1998EST

My Grandmother, Katarina Matijevich was born in Senj in 1898. Truly enjoyed the scenery, and "MI SMO HRVATSKI MORNARI". My mother sang to us the songs her mother taught her when young... Nedra Evans
Nedra Evans <NEvans7115@aol.com>
Dallas, TX USA - Mon Nov 9 17:47 1998EST

Loved your page. The beauty of Rab is amazing and I am hoping that I'll visit that earthly paradise soon. Great job. Roman
Roman Zalac <ZALAC@AOL.COM.>
MIAMI, FLORIDA USA - Sun Oct 11 08:23 1998DST

My mother is also from Rab and I spent a long time there. Thank you for this nice pages I enjoyed them very much.
Regina Anita Kraus <GigiKraus@aol.com>
Cologne, Germany - Tue Sep 22 03:05 1998DST

We are visiting RAB in the summer of 1998 and find your web page really informative. The information provided will certainly enhance our visit. Thank you.
Peter Vairo <vairolaw@aol.com>
forest hills, ny USA - Sun Sep 20 05:42 1998DST

Usefull and interesting information preparing to visit Rab. It is also nice to remember a lot of things from journey to this beautyful island while looking through these homepages.
Tauras <tauras@storakylix.lt>
Vilnius, Lithuania - Thu Sep 17 07:26 1998DST

Visited Rab and have been forever changed! Many wonderful memories. The Website calls me to return.
Charles Dickey <TmKatt@AOL.com>
Atlanta, Georgia USA - Sun Sep 13 15:38 1998DST

I was in Rab 12 years ago, when I was 13. It was fantastic and it`s nice to see again on pictures. I love Rab!!!!!
Laszlo Molnar <h231153@stud.u-szeged.hu>
Bak, Hungary - Sat Sep 12 04:47 1998DST

Hello Rabian inhabitants, good site, you´ve developed, ´cause I found an e-mail-adresse of an old "friend" (he´s not a real fried but I know him since 1977; every year I´m going to stay a few weeks an his parents Benko and Jelca Baricevic. I would like you to visit the homepage of my hometown Zeil (URL upside). Maybe you´ll find a picture of Franka Kurelic, an "rabian daughter". Greetings to Frane, Toni and Vinco Kurelic - Kosinca, Ruscha Kurelic, Benko Baricevic, Maria Radencovic, Banjol and last but not least to Top, Kampor - don´t forget!
Brehm Michael <lrahas.beppo@swin.baynet.de>
Zeil a. Main, Bavaria Germany - Sun Sep 6 14:36 1998DST

When I first came to Croatia in December of -95 by pure coincidence, I became so fascinated that I come back as often as I can. As a new democracy, I wish you all the best with both the political and economical development. Croatia will always be a subject of my admiration. Sincerely, T.M.W. Martinsen.
Terje Martin W. Martinsen <batesman001@hotmail.com>
Halden, Norway - Wed Aug 26 03:27 1998DST

kudos..... excellent page
richard ross <richross@vivonet.com>
east newark, NJ US - Fri Jul 31 18:40 1998DST

Na Rabu nam je bilo veoma lepo. A po prvi put nije mi bilo teško plačanje turistične takse, jer sam vidio vašu brigu za čistoču i na javnim plažama (u okolini Lopara). Lijepo je videti, da ima kod vas spomenika i za nepolitičare (nadšumar Belia) Doči čemo opet. Simon Herman
Simon Herman <Simon.Herman@mf.uni-lj.si>
Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia - Thu Jul 30 15:54 1998DST

Danes smo se vrnili s prelepega dopusta na otoku Rabu, kjer smo bivali v avtokampu San Marino. Zelo nam je bila všeč Rajska plaža in sprehodi po mestu Rabu ob večerih. Še bomo prišli.
saša zidanšek <msa.celje@spika.unistar.si>
šempeter, slovenija slovenija - Mon Jul 27 07:40 1998DST

Pozdrav svim Rabljanima! Cestitke Katarini i Mariju povodom uplovljavanja u bracne vode!!! Nadam se da cemo se svi vidjeti ovo ljeto. Pozdrav iz Umaga!
Zeljko Antesic <antesic@hotmail.com>
Umag, Croatia - Tue Jul 21 06:13 1998DST

Every year we go to rab and every year we have a good time, i hope that this is also this year. roy
roy woudwijk <r.woudwijk@gelrevision.nl>
zeewolde, flevoland holland - Thu Jul 16 09:00 1998DST

My dad Josip was born on Rab. We now live in Australia. Marko Krstinic is my cousin. I was there for the first time summer 96.
Andrew Pahljina <pahljina@eisa.net.au>
Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Sun Jul 12 01:05 1998DST

My husband's (Josef)family came from Dragova Dalmatia and I am seeking information on any other ancestors or family members. Name of decendant in Dragov was Josef Matulic (immigrated to the USA in early 1900's) My family originates from Slovenia - Family names Irman, Bizjak, Gorcier(?) Do you have any information on Dragove online? Thanks!
Josef and Kit Matulich <dalmatianalley@hotmail.com>
Columbus, Ohio USA - Mon Jul 6 09:14 1998DST

Your Site is very very nice. ;o)
SuperPlayer <gigi@teleweb.at>
Vienna, Austria - Thu Jun 18 09:30 1998DST

Please tell me if there is any way that I can contact any chat rooms in Rab . I use to live there.Thanks a lot. Victoria (vitica)!
vitica beg <CRVITTY@.com>
San Diego , California USA - Tue Jun 16 09:36 1998DST

We will come this year from 15.06.98 till 06.07.98. I was the first time in RAB when i was 7 years old.
Alexander Knierim <AKKS@aol.com>
Kassel, Hessen Germany - Fri Jun 12 18:14 1998DST

i love it!!!!!!!!! it`s like being on holydays
Nina Marinics <marinics@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at>
- Fri Jun 12 14:11 1998DST

Having spent almost all of my summers on Rab, the only thing I can say is that this page is excellent. It captures the beauty of Rab, and is at the same time informative...very informative.. :-) Excellent work!!
Vedrana <vedrana.zupanic@zg.tel.hr>
Zagreb, Hrvatska - Tue Jun 9 04:12 1998DST

Croatia is beautifull. Last two years I was with my family and friends in Makarska. This vacation I'd like to rest in Rab !!! See You in Croatia !!!
Janusz Sirek MD <sirek@clan.pl>
katowice, poland - Sun Jun 7 00:10 1998DST

I simply love this site. Thanks for making it. I already made reservations in a hotel on the Island of Rab. The thing that attracted me most was the nicest sand beach and that was all I had to know. Your site provides a lot more information than I need. It will certainly give me an idea of the place where I'm actually going. I was glad when I read this island was the greenest one. A week vacation will not be enough there!
Ines Baricevic <inesbog@hotmail.com>
Slavonski Brod, Croatia - Fri Jun 5 06:00 1998DST

I married into a Croatian family, and my father-in-law, Josip Tonsic (now of Long Island, NY) is a native of Rab. We will be visiting in August 1998. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful sights that you have described on your website. I'm sure it will be much more beautiful in person. Thank you for the preview!
Lila Tonsic
Etters, PA USA - Thu Jun 4 11:43 1998DST

Thank you, for the good homepage. Maybe you can install all link to a sat-photo of your current weather conditions in future with some more of informations fpr a ship weather-report. sincerly yours Thomas mayr
Thomas Mayr <mayr-dachkeramik@t-online.de>
Straubing, Germany - Fri May 15 22:28 1998DST

My family was originally from RAB ... Gospodnetic/Dominis... they migrated to Brac.. Dol and Pucisca... I would love to be able to gather family information for my children since my parents and grandparents have died... Any help would be appreciated or advice where to go for the information... This was a beautiful site... Thank you So much for sharing it and for creating it!!!!! Patricia
Patricia <PLS333@aol.com>
California U.S. A. - Fri May 8 23:03 1998DST

ali mi lahko kdo pove kakšne so cene kampiranja?
Mitja Kolbl <sabina.kolbl@guest.arnes.si>
Murska Sobota, Slovenia - Fri May 8 10:50 1998DST

A GREAT JOB! But, there's never ebough pictures :)
Kresimir Blazina <jarun@fly.cc.fer.hr>
Zagreb, Croatia - Thu May 7 09:55 1998DST

Thank you for this very full and comprhensive resource!
william gilbert <wagwag@sprintmail.com>
Vermont usa - Thu May 7 08:37 1998DST

I have been there, our house is named after it. I will go again. what else can I say.
Paul Radic. <pradic@tinet.ie>
Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow Ireland - Tue Apr 28 16:18 1998DST

Cestitam! Konacno jedna lijepa stranica o Rabu! Sve najbolje za daljnji rad! Lijep pozdrav Sven Schreier (28-godisnji "rabljanin") P.S.: Pozdravi mi cijeli otok!
Sven Schreier <sven_schreier@hotmail.com>
Firenca, Toskana Italija - Mon Apr 27 01:05 1998DST

Congratulations to this excellent Rab page. I spent all my summer holidays on Rab during my childhood - which was quite some time ago, as I'm 40 this year. We have always been in Lopar, at a private place. Now, on the first of May I will travel with my kids to Rab to show them the beauty of the island!
Roland Liemberger <k-r.liemberger@carinthia.com>
Klagenfurt, Austria - Mon Apr 20 12:44 1998DST

I'm half Rab and half Losinj, mother from RAB and father from Losinj. Still miss the place, planning to go back and visit my relatives on both islands
Chris Lupic <legs@mail.eisa.net.au>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Wed Apr 15 05:55 1998DST

Thank you so much. It was so exciting to find this page and find out a little more about my heritage. My fathers' parents came from the island of Puscice (sp?). Many thanks. My web page, should you want to find out about me, is at the Cosmic Leopard Web site, www.nyct.net/cosmicleopard, simply scroll down the left side of the site and click on Karen Eterovich to open my pages! I would love to hear from you.
Karen Eterovich <karen.eterovich@twi.com>
New York, New York USA - Tue Apr 14 13:45 1998DST

S uzivanjem sam prosao sranicom o nasem Rabu. Lijepo je vidjeti stranicu o Rabu i podsjecati se na lijepe uspomene. Ja sam iz Banjola i tamo sam provodio sva svoja ljeta. Cestitam vam na tako lijpom projektu.
Mladen Baricevic <pipun@aol.com>
Portland, Oregon USA - Fri Apr 10 03:11 1998DST

MARIBOR, SLOVENIJA - Sat Apr 4 09:48 1998EST

Rab je najljepši otok u Hrvatskoj, a posebno Lopar i Rajska plaža !!!
Nenad Tomicic <ntomicic@hotmail.com>
Novi Vinodolski, Novi Vinodolski Croatia - Wed Apr 1 02:59 1998EST

linsey.m <none>
HOBART, TASMANIA - Thu Mar 26 18:16 1998EST

Hello! Great website! My friend and I are planning a trip to Croatia in August of this year. Do you recommend any places that we absolutely must see (other than Rab of course!)? We are in our mid-twenties and want to know what the popular places are for young people during the summer. Any information would be great! Thank you! Julie
Julie Grant <j_grant@mailexcite.com>
Hollywood, California - Mon Mar 23 16:03 1998EST

I want to go in Crotia in summer 98. I am interesting about price for appartman.
Igor Mihalus <mihalus_igor@hotmail.com>
Prievidza, Slovakia - Fri Mar 6 05:55 1998EST

The magic of this island gave me some really enjoying minutes. I hope I can visit it some day. Thanks.
Tamas Kumli <sisy@balu.sch.bme.hu>
Pecs, Hungary - Thu Feb 26 09:55 1998EST

Kako interesanto. Krasno je!
john yelcich(jelcic) <yel@bitstorm.net>
DeBary, florida U.S.A. - Sun Feb 22 18:25 1998EST

What a beautiful island. I lived in Labin, Istra, and have always been attracted to the islands. I promise to go to Rab when I visit. Thanks for the history.
Nick Kovacevic
Grand Rapids, Mi - Fri Jan 9 12:27 1998EST

When I left Pula I had only memories about Croatia, but thanks to these pages I can really feel home again. Next time I will certainly go to Rab.
Ljubica Dundovic <nico.bevers@guest.pk.wau.nl>
Zeist, The Netherlands - Sun Jan 4 08:10 1998EST

Hvala za uvrstenje Tz LOPAR na vasu starnicu.Isto cu uciniti i na nasim stranicama. Pozdrav ! Damir
Damir Petrinic <damirp@hotmail.com>
Rijeka, Croatia - Sun Dec 28 12:05 1997EST

Veoma lijepo oradjena stranica. Nadam se da cete nastaviti istom kvalitetom. puno pozdrava , cestit bozic i sretnu novu godinu zeli vam Bojan pisite malo vise o Loparu...
Bojan Mastilovic <bojan@mila.ljudmila.org>
Ljubljana, Slovenia - Wed Dec 24 14:55 1997EST

I am the third generation in my family that spends summers on the island Rab. My grandparents first visited Rab in 1935 during their honeymoon cruise; then during the 1950s and 1960s they brought their children (my mother) there. In the late 1960s she was spending endless summers with her boyfriend (my dad), and when I was born in 1972 I spent my first summer as a tourist on Rab. Since then I've been vacationing on the endless, sandy beaches of Lopar, where my family owns a summer house. It is my life long dream to find a partner who would enjoy spending summers there as much as I do. Me and my family became a part of Rab and its beauty in all the ways. Even though I live and study in the United States for the past eight years, I've been returning to Rab every summer even when the war was going on. I hope more American tourists would discover beauties of Rab, and if there is anything I could do to help, please don't hesitate to contact me. Inspite of all natural wonders I encounter during my travels, I ALWAYS return to Rab.
Mojca M. Fink <mfink@athena.cupa.wright.edu>
Dayton, Ohio 45435 U.S.A. - Fri Dec 19 09:58 1997EST

Best regards to all my friends in RAB & Barbat, but special regards to our best friends: Family ZIGO Branko, Barbat 626, 51280 RAB; Merry Christmas and happy New Year, send by ROLF, MARION & RENE´LUDWIG
Rolf Ludwig <Ludwid@fujifilm.de>
Bockenem, Germany Germany - Mon Dec 15 22:50 1997EST

Very informative page,,,would like to see more photos particularly of hotels in the region
Kelvin Harrison <Kelvin.harrison@virgin.net>
stoke on trent, England - Fri Nov 28 12:31 1997EST

Very informative page,,,would like to see more photos particularly of hotels in the region
Kelvin Harrison <Kelvin@Harrison.Virgin.Net>
stoke on trent, England - Fri Nov 28 12:30 1997EST

Great information about the country of my heritage!
Susan Mustapic <mustapis@cadvision.com>
- Sat Nov 22 18:39 1997EST

My father was born in Barbat , i live in Sweden .
Toni Kastelan <toni.kastelan@stockholm.mail.telia.com>
Stockholm, Sweden - Sat Nov 15 15:27 1997EST

Tine Zupančič <tine.zupancic@uesevn.sigov.mail.si>
Sevnica, Slovenija - Wed Nov 5 06:30 1997EST

Ovo je stvarno jedno od najbolje obrađenih hrvatskih mjesta na internetu. Svaka čast!
Goran Prodan <vojmil.prodan@pu.tel.hr>
Buzet, Croatia - Wed Oct 1 12:34 1997DST

Grazie per l'ottima pagina!
Danilo Turra
Vicenza, Italy - Sun Sep 14 05:56 1997DST

maja fafandjel <maja@more.cim.irb.hr>
Rovinj, - Wed Sep 10 01:26 1997DST

Veoma opsezna stranica, jako mi se svidja... Damir
Damir Grbavac <jadera@sprintmail.com>
Houston, TX USA - Sat Aug 16 22:38 1997DST

Thank tou for having created so a nice page. I'm planning a trip to Croatia and it has been very interesting for me to read it. Of course the desire of visiting Rab has been growing by and by...
Augusto Dal Toso <a.daltoso@vi.nettuno.it>
Vicenza, Italy - Sat Aug 16 10:16 1997DST

On Saturday we´ll start our next Holidays on Rab. My Wife knows the island approx. 20 years. We´re happy to find something about Rab on the Internet. Great work, go on, Best regards Eva+Andreas
Andreas Dahl + Eva-Maria Keller <Andi.Dahl@t-online.de>
40764 Langenfeld, NRW Germany - Thu Aug 14 13:33 1997DST

Keep up the good work, especially with the Croatia pages!
Tom Jovic <tjovic@niu.edu>
DeKalb, Illinois USA - Mon Jul 21 17:39 1997DST

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Rab City Bell Towers - from about 1000 AD