Rab City Bell Towers - from about 1000 AD
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1598: Rab Island map by Giuseppe ROSACCIO.
Bibliographic Citation: [ROSACCIO, Giuseppe. Viaggio da Venetia, a Costantinopoli : per mare, e per terra & insieme quello di Terra Santa, da Gioseppe Rosaccio, con brevità descritto, nel quale, oltre à settantadui disegni, di geografia e corografia si discorre, quanto in esso viaggio si ritroua, cioè : città, castelli, porti, golfi, isole, monti, fiumi è mari : opera utile à mercanti, marinari & à studiosi di geografia, Venice, Giacomo Franco, 1598.] For the original image location, click here. For bigger image, click below.
1698: Rab Island map by Vincenzo Coronelli
1698 Rab map by Vincenzo Coronelli
The photos below were scanned from Rapski Zbornik published in 1987 by JAZU, 1987 - 584 pages.

Rab Veduta from the 17th century.
The most famous historical depiction of the city of Rab is situated in the monastery of St. Anthony the Abbot in the city of Rab. Painting depicts a panoramic view of the city, Madonna with the Child and a male saint. Judging by the vedute, it was made between 1578 and 1665. The author of the Madonna with the Child is Antonio Moreschi. Originally, it was one painting that was later inserted in the painting with the vedute. The saint was probably added next to Madonna at that time and it seems that the depicted saint is st. Leo, one of Rab's patrons. Source: Rapski Zbornik II.
An old house in the town of Rab (Kaldanac) where according to the legend, the whole family died of Cholera in 1855. The house ruin is still there today as a remembrance and reminder. 1883: Old downtown Rab.
1885: Rab Panorama
1898 Rab Panorama
1905: Nimira Palace.
1905: Passenger ship Hungaria in Rab port.
Italian, Hungarian and Viennese elite were were frequent visitors at the turn of the 20th century.
1908: Grand Hotel
1914: Ship Apollo
Foto Bauer was a well-known photographic studio at well into the mid 60's.
1927: Villa Sofia
1928: Prva Padova and mount Kamenjak.
1929: Nudists on Lopar beach.
1930:Palace bathing resort in III Padova.
For larger image, click here.
1930's: Boat transporting tourists from hotel Kontinental.
1930's: One of the few large ships in Rab harbour.
1932: Palace Hotel Praha.
Note: The Praha opened in 1909, a year after The Grand hotel.
1934: Tuna observation poles.

1935: An old Rab fisherman.
1936: The port of Rab
Undated photos
Rab at the start of 20th century: View of hotel Park, restaurant Bernot and pansion Belia.
Rab town at the begining of the 20th century.
Yacht Nirvana near the town before WW2.
Prewar beach scene.
Woman working the field with plow pulled by oxen.
This method of plowing the fields was used for 100's of years and was still going on into the late 1960s. I used to help one of my aunts with this hard work.
Nice beach and bathing area.
The photos below were scanned from old postcards in my possesion.
Postcard of Town of Rab during WWII
Town of Rab postcard in 1965.
The Jadrolinija passanger ship below was typical transportation method from Rab to Rijeka in those days. Nowadays, with new roads, it's faster to take a ferry to Jablanac. In the 1960's, it used to take up to 8 Hrs to get from Rab to Rijeka.
One of the former Jadrolinija ships JADRAN is anchored in Toronto harbour (Captain John Restaurant).
Note: Jadran was towed out of Toronto harbour on May 28, 2015.

Rab postcard by RVJ FOTO, Zagreb. Mid 1960's?

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Rab City Bell Towers - from about 1000 AD