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The Hamlet of Kampor

numbers about 1,173 (2011) people and extends in the valley, from the monastery of St. Eufemija -- whose church serves as the diocese for this hamlet -- all the way to Kalifront forest, Kampor Bay and the Kaštelina point. In the luscious greenery, surrounded by fertile fields and juicy vineyards, opposite the forests of Kalifront, Kampor has maintained its tranquil village charm and ambience. The beaches of Veli Mel (Big Sandy), Melar and Gonar are known for their fine, golden sand and crystalline blue waters. Veli Mel, with its south side touching the Kallifront peninsula, is espacially well known for its shallow waters where the main recreation is to walk far into the sea without the water reaching "over-head".

Rt. Kaštelina has a special significance to me.  In this beautiful place where I loved to climb as a kid and from which the view reaches across to the far horizons to the west, with the islet Boljkovac nearby and to the distant Cres island. For archaeological excavations and history of Rt. (Point) Kaštelina, click here.

On the morning of Feb. 15, 1961, there was an almost total solar eclipse over Rab (magnitude 0.995%). Eclipse maximum was at around 8:42AM. It was an incredible site to see the stars. It got darker and colder and the roosters got noisy. Old ladies were crossing their arms. See this PDF file.

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These photos were taken during my 1973 and 1985 visits back home. All the photos and text (except for external text quotes) are Copyright © by Jack Lupic and no reproduction is permitted. Photos were taken with Minolta SR-T 101 (1975) and Canon T70 (1985) on Kodak film.


Kampor township borders (C) Google

Kampor Hamlet in the 1970's. Photo source:

St. Eufemija Monastery in Kampor in the 1970's. Photo source: 
Rt. Kastelina   Kampor township   Kampor Bay

Kampor Hamlet
View from Kampor village north hill towards the road leading out of village.   Looking east towards bar-restaurant and the road leading out the village.  
Kampor village looking south south-east.
View west from our old house. Photo on the right is during a rainy day.   Heavy summer rain - looking toward the West & Cres island. Fig tree is in the foreground.   View south west from the hill overlooking the village.

Kampor in 1985 looking south-west. Our old house is behind the red roofed house at the center left.
Rt. Kaštelina & Melar bay.
On far left center is Punta Kampora & beyond on the horizon is Cres island. For more on the history of Rt. Kaštelina, click here.
  Mosaic stones found by me in the 1960's at the northern shore of Rt. Kaštelina. Due to the color variety, they appear to have come from different parts of the ancient world.
They most likely fell down from the top of the promontory where a Greek/Roman/Byzantine buildings might have been located. For brief history of Rt. Kaštelina, click here.
  Photo taken from Dolnja Punta. Gornja Punta is in the background. Both are located at the tip of Rt. Kalifront (Kalifront peninsula).

Franciscan Monastery of Saint Euphemia (built in 1446) & its Museum.
The monastery has two churches: One dedicated to St Euphemija and the larger church of St Bernandin.
For more info, click here (in Croatian).
The Monastery of Saint Euphemia   Komin used for cooking   Folkloric Dress

Life in the Hamlet

My Grade 4 class in Kampor Primary school - 1961
Thank you to Ante Sušic for providing all the names below. Click on the image for bigger picture.

Cetrvrti razred: Otraga stoje s lijeva na desno: Ive Staničić (Jumbo), Ante Sušić, Joso Matrda, Mare Šurlina, Kate Barčić, Ankica Kurelić, Nada Kurelić, Željko Lupić, Ivan Lušic (Hajo) i Vlado Jurešić. 

Drugi red sjede: Ruža Maračić, Fumica Staničić (Kirin), Boža Ivčić, Učiteljica Katica, Ankica Gušćić. Ankica Ružić, Ruža Gvačić i Ankica Lupić.  

Naprijed cuče: Svetislav Ivčić, Slavko Sušić, Vlado Miš, Joso Ivčic, Mirko Mikelić, Zdenko Mikelić, Ivica Mikelić, Jadranka Mikelić, Petar Lušić i Pere Lupić (Lejo).

Third grade

Fifth grade

Boat being pulled out of water for yearly maintenance.   Playing bocce ball (Boće or Balote). It's one of the favourite sports on Rab and the rest of the Adriatic. My uncle Anđel is fifth from the left.   Stanko Mahić. He took many of my photos when I was a kid so it's fair to have two of him here.
Stanko Mahić (left).   My uncle Anđel (R.I.P.) using a framed glass square trying to catch a "crv" that wll serve as fish bait. Our old house is top right of the photo and the first on the left of the three houses.   Family photo around 1965. Standing: Joso, Slave, ?, Marica, Milan. Sitting: ? Ljube, Ankica, Baba, Zdenka and Darinka.

Family Photos
Mostly from my visit back home in 1973
Our cargo ship Boljkovac. It used to carry beach sand from Kampor to Rijeka (1963 photo).   Aunt Anka (R.I.P.) in the old house in Sufa Punta
(Aug. 18, 1965).
  From the left: My father, old Markočić (standing), uncle Joso (R.I.P.), cousin Lovre and uncle Anđel (R.I.P.) playing TRLJA.
My family: Ljube, Zdenka, Slave, Darinka, Joso, Ankica, Željko and Anđel.   Another family photo taken by me.   Uncle Anđel, cousin Lovre, father Ivan, cousin Ankica, Milan, aunt Marica and aunt Ljube.
My Great-uncle Ante Maškarin (passed away in 1987 at 88 years of age), my cousins and their mother.   Cousin Lovre, Great-aunt Ure and family.  
Our old family house built by my grand-father (left). For the close-up of the house, click here. Center white house belongs to Markočići & right house to Bujoli. In the foreground is the dependable well that never dried up and that was the main village water source for many years.
Kampor Bay (Kamporska Draga). At the dock is our ship Boljkovac. In the background is the beach MEL.   My father Ivan and aunt Ljube leaving Kampor Bay on the way to Sufa Punta for some fishing.   Our ship Boljkovac dredging for sand in Lopar. From left to right: uncles Anđel, Joso and my father.
Željko on our ship Boljkovac.   My father Ivan on our ship Boljkovac.   Joso, Ivan, Željko, Anđel (Rab 1985).
Here I am leaving the island and going back home.
My good friend Mile Bujol, "Stari Bujol" and his "Zet" Miro - 1973 (passed away in 1987)
Mile passed away in 2009. His son Toni runs 'Autoservis i trgovina "BUJOL". His other son Josip is on Facebook.
My Father's House at Kampor 389, Rab 51280, Croatia.
My father's house from the air - top right. For full, panoramic photo, click below.
Our old house is no longer there but has been replaced by a modern one attached to two other houses (top left).
June 1985 - My father with the house under construction.
Back of the house - June 1985.
Outdoor dinner at uncle Joso's house  - June 1985.
Outdoor dinner at uncle Joso's house - June 1985. Joso is cutting pršut.
Aunt Slave and cousin Zdenka - uncle Joso's house - June 1985.
My great uncle Ante Maškarin in front of his house - June 1985.
He passed away in 1987 at age of 88.

My favourite uncle An
đel in 1985 working as Rab Ferry Captain.
(passed away in 2005, age 70)
Photos from Duška Lupic: Oct. 19, 2015
Kampor village looking west
Boardwalk and houses by the beach.

Kampor village wedding

My father's house
Veli Mel Beach - courtesy of Gostionica DUPIN.
Veli Mel each
Photos of Kampor from the Internet 

Aerial views

Mel Beach - two photos below 

Camping Lando Resort - Kampor, Rab - - YouTube

Kampor Boardwalk

Photo of Kampor Bay looking towards Cres island in the background
July 29, 2016 photo by Reinhard Stroh <>
For bigger image, click on the photo above.

Photo of Kampor Bay looking towards Rt. Kastelina. On the right is Matrda house.
July 29, 2016 photo by Reinhard Stroh <>
For bigger image, click on the photo above.

Photos below are from video "Kamporska Regata 2016" -
(C) Copyright

Circa 1960: Boljkovac under construction - my father is standing on the left. My uncle Anđel is sitting on the right. The ship was named after the nearby islet Boljkovac.

Circa 1960: Our ship Boljkovac in some coastal town ready to dock. My uncle Joso is getting the mooring line ready.

Circa 1960: Boljkovac unloading sand. My father in the middle is manipulating the scoop. My aunt Slave (uncle Joso's wife) is crouching next to him on the right. The older man on the right is familiar but I don't remember his name.

Regata in Kampor Bay

Looking at the center of Kampor village. My father's house is behind the long general store.

View Kampor bay with Draga beach half way on the left. In the background right is the island of Cres.

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