Rab Island Notables

(1) Jesuit Mark Antun de Dominis

A Croatian Jesuit Mark Antun de Dominis (born on the island of Rab, 1560-1624) ranked among the greatest European philosophers and scientist of his time. His career of a university professor started in Padova. He was especially esteemed in England, where he was invited by king James I. There he lived at the Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury and was appointed to be the Windsor Dean and the king's chancellor. Family Dominis Coat-of-ArmsHis work in physics was cited in I. Newton's book ``The optics'' in 1704 (page 147). Among other things he contributed to the explanation of the phenomenon of the double rainbow. His theory of tides was based on the idea of attractive force between the Moon and the Earth, which was later made precise in Newton's theory of gravitation.

Family Dominis Coat-of-Arms (above) added by Z. Lupic

(1) Reference:
Croatia - an overview of its History, Culture and Science.  By Darko Žubrinić - Zagreb

He was imprisoned by Inquisition and when he died, the burial of his body was not allowed. It was burnt, together with his manuscripts, on the square of Campo dei Fiori in Rome, where Giordano Bruno had been burnt twenty four years earlier. However, his main preoccupation was the problem of European peace and the reform of the Church. His work ``De Republica Ecclesiastica'', which was published in ten books in London, brought him the anathema of Rome. He also discovered the phenomenon of diffraction of white light (see G. Hund's ``Geschite der Physik'').


(2) Marinus

The village of Lopar is the birthplace of Marinus, founder of the Republic of San Marino.

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Coat-of-Arms of the Republic of San Marino

(3) Stephen de Arva

Arva would be Arbe in Italian or in Croatian, the island of Rab. There is some question as to whether Stephen de Lezna is the same person (I believe we have two individuals).

ARVA ( Estefan de) - Asi encontramos el nombre de este companero de Caboto, pero creemos que es el mismo Esteban o Stefano de Lezna o Lezno.

Stefan of Arva was a companion of Sebastian Cabot and there is some question of whether Stefan of Lezna is the same person.

Croatians in the New World
Sebastian Cabot's Voyage to the RIO DE LA PLATA 1526 - 1530 (p 11)
Copyright © 1992 by Adam S. Eterovich
Ragusan Press, San Carlos - California


Cabot, Sebastian
(b. c. 1476, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Eng., or Venice--d. 1557, London), navigator, explorer, and cartographer who at various times served the English and Spanish crowns. In 1525 he assumed charge of a three-ship Spanish expedition that was to develop trade with the Orient. He diverted the expedition from this objective, however, because of reports of fabulous wealth in the Río de la Plata region of South America. After about three years of fruitless exploration he returned to Spain. (Sebastian's father John Cabot, on the first English voyage to North America (1497), discovered the Labrador coast of Newfoundland).

Accompanying the Sebastian Cabot on his Rio de la Plata expedition, there is a certain Stephen de Arva, from Rab. Here is the excerpt from the booklet.

See: Croatian mariners in the New World; Croatian Guilds and Collegiums © by Darko Zubrinic, Zagreb (1995)

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